So You What To Learn Final Cut Pro X

If you have never edited video before the task may seem like you are climbing Mt. Everest. The reality is video editing is fairly easy. You just need to take the time to understand a few basic concepts. This website was created to help you get started with Final Cut Pro and also learn some tips and tricks along the way.

My Name is Daniel Fischpan and I use to work for Apple. My position at the time was a Creative (I think Apple is doing away with that position) which meant I gave one to one lessons with customers who wanted to learn a certain Apple application. I am certified in both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. At my current job I am responsible for all the video editing, narrating (voice overs), and posting to YouTube among other things.

I am excited for you and you should be excited too. Video editing is awesome and unlike learning a language video editing is immediately rewarding since you can play back what you just edited and see the changes in real time. What are you waiting for…Let’s Begin!!

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