Top 10 need to know Key Command

  1. Space Bar – The space bar will play and pause your video
  2. Shift + Control + I – Will bring the play head to the beginning of the video and play
  3. B – Will turn your cursor into a Blade. Then you can hover over section of your project and cut the recording to either delete the section you don’t need or simply move it elsewhere.
  4. A – Will bring you cursor back to the cursor from Blade or whatever tool the cursor was being used for
  5. V – disables any highlighted content whether it be video or audio
  6. Command + Shit + F – Will play back your video full screen
  7. I – In point. Before you bring your clip into your timeline you will most likely not need the entire clip but instead just a portion of it. As you play the clip in the preview window you can press I as your starting point
  8. O – Out point. You will always use I and O together. Once you reach the end of the clip that you want to use select O and the clip will now be highlighted in a yellow outline of the portion you selected
  9. Control + Shift +D – Detaches you audio from the video. This is super helpful when you are editing with a soundtrack
  10. Control + R – Will render that section that is highlighted (If you are asking what is rendering, don’t worry about that right now)



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