3 Anatomy of Final Cut Pro Work Space

Understanding what all of the windows in Final Cut Pro do will help when you get started with your project. So, what the heck do all these boxes do?

The Sidebar is where you are going to see all of your libraries and events. The library symbol is represented by four squares with diamonds inside them and the event is represented by the square with one large star inside it.

(Remember Events are inside libraries)



The Browser has three modes that it can be in which give you access to different things. You can tell what mode it is in by what is highlighted in purple on the top left. The Show libraries mode is highlighted and therefore you will see your libraries and events in the sidebar and projects in the browser. In the image above the project in the browser is called “Work Space.” You will also see all of your clips that have been imported into your events within the library. You will be able to select and play the video content here which will help you determine what you would like use in your project.



         Photos & Audio              Titles & Generators


The second and third mode of the browser you can see in the two images below. When the middle option is selected in purple you will have access to all of your photos and songs in iTunes that you would like to add to your project. The way you add anything to your project is by simply clicking on the content and dragging it to the timeline. The third mode allows you to view Final Cut’s Titles and Generators.



Think about the viewer like a television. All of the video content that you see in Final Cut will appear in the viewer regardless if you are playing footage from your browser or timeline. It is here that you can determining what footage you want to use from what you imported.


The Inspector is where a lot of the magic happens in Final Cut Pro. A lot of the editing and adjustments you make will be done here as you will see in later blog posts and videos. There will be a article dedicated to the inspector.


The Timeline is where you will see your project and will be doing most of your editing. Here is where you will add music, transitions, footage, images, and anything that you want in your project will be dragged in here.

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